How it Works

  • 1. What do we deliver

    We deliver Performance Improvement Software in addition to Educational content. It has been designed scientifically by a team of Teachers and experts in psychology. It aims to build conceptual constructs in Students for better understanding and increase in Grades with least effort.

  • 2. How are our products different

    Learn what is needed: Our software product “improves learning process” and not just give digital version of educational content. It runs advanced cutting edge technology to identify “what needs to be studied and when” It scans through the memory retention patterns of students to give what and when of Fast learning.

    Learn Fast: The content is very crisp and takes a student through easy and quick steps to learn what they would take much longer to learn from normal textbooks thus saving crucial time before exams. Tools such as Concept flow grid(TM) and Thought Clouds(TM) enable a student get clarity of thought and retain things in memory long after they have been studied.

  • 3. How do students benefit from our products

    Students perform much better in exams even while spending only a small amount of time. Even average and below average students can ace exams by carefully following the learning content. Even reputed Schools who have installed Learning Management Systems can benefit from our software.

  • 4. How can students & teachers access our products

    Our products are currently accessible through our website. I is also available on mobile through our indigenusly developed App – Learnquix from Android Playstore

  • 5. Why Scholarship

    We support a scholarship program names Gyan Tarang. Gyan Tarang Foundation, is an NGO which supports us in many ways. It aims to encourage positive mindset for studies among students by rewarding meritorius students as well as hardworking students across subjects and geographies. Our system identifies students who put in efforts.